F generation @ George Paton Gallery

Uncategorized October 8, 2015


F generation has kicked off  with an impressive line up of artists engageing with the question:


This generative project features works that span the lengh and breadth of the creative arts and considers where we have been, the gains that have been made and possible feminist futures.

Congratulations to the curators Caroline Phillips, Juliette Piers and Veronica Aldous.

IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_1373

Wall drawing perfomance

Chasing Shadows

How is Feminism important to you?

Feminism is essential to me; It is the ground I stand on. In this sense it is a trajectory that re conceives concepts such as agency, autonomy and freedom as processes of life. We are thrown into life and are constantly challenged to exceed the ‘here and now’ in order to create a new and indeterminate tomorrow. Not necessarily better or worse; but different, with new options and opportunities, where difference may be free to be elaborated and experienced differently. Feminism now, is both an inheritance and a responsibility. Within this network of relations I am made and make myself creatively towards a future unlike the present.

My contribution to the F generation project, Chasing Shadows plays with the impossibility of seeing where you are from where you’ve been.  On a section of black wall, with spot light and chalk I will attempt to capture my own shadow through drawing. This performance has been designed to engage with the life, its momentums and the elaboration of difference through gestures, actions and materials. Of the materials for the production of this work I include the philosophies surrounding open ended becoming, singularity and repetition that relate directly to recent developments in feminist thought. The performance of this work, at this exhibition, is particularly important. The reflective and projective nature of a 40 years of feminist art amplifies the relationships between past and present in anticipation of a future to come, that is so central to this performance. This work seeks to reach in both directions, reaching out even as it reaches back into memory, setting forth in a direction without a destination and is an exploration of constant change and our ancient evolutionary potential.


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